Case 1

Conducted a private investigation for a client alleging fraudulent activity in a large motor dealership in the UK. Successfully identified false accounting, theft and false invoicing. Prepared a report for the client which was passed to prosecutors for investigation. Led to a successful prosecution of a partner in the business.

Case 2

Conducted an asset recovery investigation for a leading London based engineering company. Identified failings in contracts that led to incomplete work. Met with both parties in the dispute and was able to negotiate a structured schedule of payments suitable to both parties.

Case 3

As Project leader I successful managed an EU project in Bosnia & Herzegovina to enhance the capabilities of government agencies in financial investigation. I provided a contract proposal and budget timeline for submission to EU and beneficiary agency in line with the terms of reference. I attended the interview in Beneficiary Country and presented the proposal. On winning the project I scoped the necessary documentation and met with the beneficiary agencies within the project to ensure the objectives would be met. I chaired steering group meetings and managing the project and participants in a professional manner. The project was chosen by the EU for an evaluation due to the high success and budgetary management.

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  • 2013
  • Initial Public Offerings

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    25, October 2013

  • Become International Company

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    16, September 2013

  • Launching New Product

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    10, June 2013

  • Design Awards

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    22, February 2013

  • 2012
  • Bulding Office

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    11, July 2013

  • Start-up Company

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    6, May 2013

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  • “Sam in a top grade and experience investigator of financial crime, he has worn the T-Shirt, and has achieved some great results”

    Student, The Fraud Company Training Course

  • “I have worked with Sam over a period of 4 years, he is very committed to achieving the best solution to a given task”

    Student, The Fraud Company Training Course

  • “Sam is a professional colleague with a crisp understanding and application of his specialism. Always a pleasure to work with this gentleman.”

    Student, The Fraud Company Training Course