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Money laundering is a difficult concept to grasp but one that has caught the imagination of everyone through film, media and novel. From the time of Capone to present day laundering of billions of dollars of drug money through South America, Asia and beyond it is the defining process that can have disastrous effect on business, financial institutions and economies around the globe.

Anti-money laundering compliance has now the additional burden of preventing terrorist financing through FATF recommendations and so requires a robust compliance process to ensure:
– Your institution is not being used to launder criminal or terrorist proceeds
– Your institutions integrity is maintained
– Your customers are confident that their business is safeguarded.

By attending the workshop, you will be able to immediately implement those skills around customer identification and risk based analysis. You will be able to proactively target suspicious customer accounts and monitor behavior of those accounts. You will learn to be aware of the broader aspects of money laundering methods and techniques through real life case studies, practical exercises and film. You will also be provided with an outline of the extensive software packages available for managing risk in the compliance industry.

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Learn from a technician with a vast experience in money laundering investigation to provide the best backdrop to anti-money laundering compliance.

Keep your business on top of the competitors in terms of reputation and integrity.

Learn from a experienced practitioner & academic with extensive knowledge & expertise in compliance methods and training in Europe and Asia.

This course is aimed at Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLRO’s), Decision makers and Senior Managers working at a strategic level within their organizations. It is also relevant to junior members of staff in specific compliance roles and teams within their business.

The course will also stimulate discussion on current national and global strategies implemented to combat the opportunities for individuals and criminal organizations to launder their proceeds of crime.

This course will also be ideal for middle and senior managers who have ownership of the responsibility of overseeing the audit process as it relates to the detection, prevention and investigation of economic crime. This course is aimed at those decision-makers, managers and all members of public and private sector organisations, who require an understanding of Anti Money Laundering/ Counter Terrorist Financing issues and its ramifications in the workplace. The course is also a must for members of law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies as well as project managers, contract managers, insur- ance companies, policy makers and advisors in public or private sector.

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