Case 1

Conducted a private investigation for a client alleging fraudulent activity in a large motor dealership in the UK. Successfully identified false accounting, theft and false invoicing. Prepared a report for the client which was passed to prosecutors for investigation. Led to a successful prosecution of a partner in the business.

Case 2

Conducted an asset recovery investigation for a leading London based engineering company. Identified failings in contracts that led to incomplete work. Met with both parties in the dispute and was able to negotiate a structured schedule of payments suitable to both parties.

Case 3

As Project leader I successful managed an EU project in Bosnia & Herzegovina to enhance the capabilities of government agencies in financial investigation. I provided a contract proposal and budget timeline for submission to EU and beneficiary agency in line with the terms of reference. I attended the interview in Beneficiary Country and presented the proposal. On winning the project I scoped the necessary documentation and met with the beneficiary agencies within the project to ensure the objectives would be met. I chaired steering group meetings and managing the project and participants in a professional manner. The project was chosen by the EU for an evaluation due to the high success and budgetary management.

Sam’s Experience

Where his expertise lies

  • 2014
  • PhD Research

    Sam is currently in his final year as a part time PhD researcher in anti-money laundering (AML), crime and policy. This Doctorate will add to his Masters in Fraud Management, BSc (HONS) and teaching qualifications.

    May 2014

  • International Company

    He has a successful company ‘The Fraud Company Ltd’ which facilitates his role delivering bespoke training programs for diverse agencies on a global scale. These include investigative journalists, auditors, accountants, police officers, government agencies and company executives in public and private entities. His company has provided successful asset recovery procedures for companies in Bahrain, Dubai, UK, Dublin, Barbados, Spain and UK. His company is currently providing research facilities for a major Global corporation.

    April 2014

  • 2001 – Present
  • EU Projects

    He has successfully managed EU projects as project manager, component manager and short term expert in Rule of Law programmes, Governance, Compliance, Asset Recovery, Terrorist Financing, Bribery and Corruption in Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia and Malta.

    2001 – Present

  • Police Service

    Sam has behind him over 28 years investigative experience in the Police Service with an extensive period leading financial crime investigations through Europe, America, Canada, South Africa, South America, Thailand and Malaysia. He has worked closely with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and (FIOD) Netherlands. He has unique experience in the Mutual Legal Assistance procedures and management and administration of investigations and intelligence. In this role he has worked closely with prosecutors and judiciary in many jurisdictions. He project managed the delivery of Proceeds of Crime legislation, compliance and financial investigation across all business areas of Enforcement in Northern Ireland.

    6, May 2014

Customer Testimonial

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  • “Sam in a top grade and experience investigator of financial crime, he has worn the T-Shirt, and has achieved some great results”

    Student, The Fraud Company Training Course

  • “I have worked with Sam over a period of 4 years, he is very committed to achieving the best solution to a given task”

    Student, The Fraud Company Training Course

  • “Sam is a professional colleague with a crisp understanding and application of his specialism. Always a pleasure to work with this gentleman.”

    Student, The Fraud Company Training Course